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SafeView Smart RV Power Inlet – 30/50 amp

SafeView Smart RV Power Inlet – 30/50 amp

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SafeView Smart RV Power Inlet 30 OR 50 amp

Our SafeView Power Inlet lets you ‘see’ if your connection is good. When you connect your RV to a power source, it will show either green (good) or red (fault detected) on which circuit. This helps you determine what you should do? Is it an open ground, or is it reversed polarity, it is as easy as seeing the red or green LED lights. ETL certified with a two year warranty. It features a ‘halo’ status light. If it is solid white, you have a good circuit, if it is blinking red, there is a fault present. This satisfies the recent RVIA (Recreational Vehicle  Industry Association) requirements that RVs be able to detect for reversed polarity upon connection.

• Soft glowing ‘halo’ light, if it is solid white, the wiring in the pedestal is correct.

• Automatic detecting, just connect your shore cable.

• Easy to read blinking Red/Green LED circuit lights. Green is good, if the letter is blinking red it means a fault is detected.

• Universal installation – no special tools are required. This works as a universal RV power inlet, available in both 30A and 50A versions.

• ETL certified, with a 2 year warranty.

• Meets current RVIA reversed polarity detection requirements. Keep your RV safe!

• Water resistant cover

• Nickel plated contacts

• Twist lock design


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